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Why Choose 24/7 Richmond Locksmiths, Ca?

At 24/7 Locksmiths Richmond, we are blessed with the savviest experts in the art of locksmith. As part of our locksmith service, customers are assured that our professionals are qualified and proficient to handle all sorts of issues with regards to keys, locks, and vaults. We have been known to provide customers with the utmost satisfaction. Other than our high-quality services, we keep our products up-to-date with the latest line of high-end security keys and keyless entry systems. Our customers have plenty of brands to choose from, and we can assist them during each installation. Our vans are stationed all across the metropolis and all surrounding suburbs of Richmond, Ca. We operate 24 hours, 7 days a week. Our lines are always open for those in dire need of our locksmith assistance.

Where to get keys made near me?

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If you live in Richmond, Ca or in the serounding area, please give us a call, our professional locksmiths in Richmond, Ca are ready to to get to your location in a very short time to help you with all of your locksmith issues.

How to re-key a door lock?

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Insert the original key and turn it to unlock the knob, turn the knob counterclockwise until the catch is visible in the small hole in the rose, using the catch tool press the catch down to release the knob and use the turn pop and pull to remove the knob, apply the spanner tool to lift the cap off the knob and remove the cylinder with the spanner, remove the c-clip from the rear of the cylinder hold the cylinder tightly to keep the cylinder plug in the housing, insert the original key in the cylinder and turn it about 45 degrees, now insert the white plastic follower into the back of the cylinder and push the cylinder plug all the way down out of the cylinder. It’s important here to maintain a consistent pressure against the plug to prevent the pins and springs inside from jumping out known as blowing the cylinder, now dump the bottom pins from the plug, insert the new pre-cut key all the way into the plug and drop corresponding pins into the plug, if you’ve pinned it correctly all pins will be flush with the top of the plug, insert the pin-loaded plug along with the new key into the cylinder at a 45-degree angle, this time the plug pushes the follower out again, it’s important to maintain consistent pressure between the plug and follower once the plugs in, turn, the key back upright place the c-clip back onto the rear of the cylinder to secure the assembly, remove the key place the cylinder back in the knob and press the cap back in place, align the shank slot on the nob with the slot on the spindle and push the knob back until it snaps into place and engages the catch.

How do you lock a door from the inside?

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First, try to locate the the twist-lock or push-lock button on the doorknob, in the inner area. If for some reason, your knob has a push-lock: You will be able see a small, cylindrical button sticking out from the center of the knob. Push the button. This should lock the door.

Automotive Locksmith

Cars have become an integral part of our daily lives. Not only do we use them to get to work, but also run errands as well.


Commercial Locksmith

Your business is your source of income. It is what enables you to provide for yourself and your family. 


Emergency Locksmith

At one point in time, we will all face a situation where we are stuck without our keys in a troublesome situation.


Residential Locksmith

As most people say, your home is your castle, it is the one place that you should always feel safe and secure.


Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Richmond Locksmith

Quickest Response

We’re always on stand by to help our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. Call us today!

15+ Years of Experience

We have more than 15 years of experience in all kinds of locksmith projects.

Satisfaction Garanteed

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. If our customers are happy, we’re happy!


“Perhaps the best locksmith experience I’ve had so far. Those guys are professional and don’t waste time “

James. L


“At first I was little skeptical them to help me unlock my car since I left my keys inside, I am glad I did”

Vanessa. S


When Should You Call Richmond Locksmiths?

24/7 locksmiths Richmond

For more than fifteen years, we’ve been providing businesses and residents in Richmond, Ca, and surrounding areas with a full variety of keys and locks services, in addition to all aspects of safety and security management. We provide locksmith support for 24/7 with our team who are available on call every day of the whole year including weekends and holidays. Once you have contacted us, we will send one among our trained and experienced mobile technicians to you to quickly fix your problems, whether you are locked outside of a car or property, or whether you need your locks fixed or replaced urgently.

We pride ourselves greatly on having technical power to offer local locksmith services to all the people who require our help. It’s helpful being local certainly. We understand their issues and have the capability to offer immediate solutions. Though, this does not diminish the need for solid infrastructures and various mobile locksmith teams. In contrast, the blend of our mobile locksmith services with our 24*7 presence in Richmond, CA is to your benefit. It’s the most excellent combination as it allows us to move quickly whenever there are urgent needs. Below is a summary of our locksmith services and why you should consider calling our 24/7 Locksmiths Richmond:

Residential Locksmith Services

We can handle all residential locksmith needs from installing new locks to repairing faulty locks anywhere in the house. This includes locks on windows, doors, safes, garages and patio doors – our locksmith technicians are well trained to handle every kind of security and lock devices in the market, and they have access to the latest locksmith technologies.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Our commercial locksmith services are second to none, along with a full variety of services intended to ensure that your premises stay protected at all times. Our 24/7 Locksmiths Richmond can offer re-keying services for commercial places, including a master re-keying at your property; but we also are on hand to deal with any locksmith problems including opening filing cabinet that you cannot access.

Auto Locksmith Services

If you find out yourself locked outside your car, or transponder key is defective, call Locksmith to call us, and we will quickly get you back inside. Our fully accredited auto locksmith technicians can tackle any problem, including opening your trunks if you can’t gain access or entry.

For any locksmith requirements, urgent or not, contact us today, we are here to help you. Some people are under the idea that the 24 hours emergency locksmith doesn’t cover people’s requirements efficiently as it occurs under marvelous pressure of time however we can guarantee you that all the services offered by our locksmith company are of the highest quality and our locksmith technicians are well trained to work out under pressure. Our great emergency locksmiths can cover all of your requirements related to either locks or keys. All our teams have unbelievable experience in this field and their works are based on their proficiency and highly superior technical skills.

Emergency Locksmith Services

The sooner you contact our company for emergency auto, home or business lockout services, the quicker we can dispatch our team to help you out with your locksmith lockout. Our company responds fast to an urgent situation. You can be certain of our professionalism, expertise, and velocity for instant replacement of keys, locks and emergency trunks opening.

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