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Your commercial space, be it a warehouse, an office space, or retail shop, needs to be kept secured at all times, given the important valuables it may be holding, and Commercial Locksmith Richmond is at hand to provide you with expert security solutions that protect you, your property and staff. By enlisting Richmond’s professional commercial locksmiths, you can expect to get top-tier servicing and high-grade products that are sure to exceed all your expectations. Whether it’s a new security installation, Break-in Repairs, door locks, master system re-key, file cabinet locks, Drop Boxes, key cutting, and much more, these technicians can get the job done.


Services you can expect to get include:


24/7 Commercial Locksmith Services


Every good business model is aware that time translates to money in the commercial world. You definitely don’t want to find yourself locked out of your business because your keys are lost or misplaced. What’s more, you don’t want to get to your business and find your locks damaged due to a break-in. Commercial Locksmith Richmond technicians provide you with emergency 24-hour locksmith services that can assist with your lockout, lock change & anything else you might need. They are aware of how time is of the essence in this fast-paced business world. With the best locksmiths in Richmond, you won’t have to lose money.


In the event your establishment has been the victim of a burglary, the quick response of commercial Richmond locksmiths will help you gain control of your space and avoid damage of goods or incurring additional losses. They will do Break-in Repairs and door replacements as well as offer security surveys to ascertain nothing like that happens again.




There are various situations that may occur, requiring you to re-key. But it’s usually recommended that commercial spaces change their locks regularly for security reasons. You never know when that laid-off employee may try to seek his or her revenge. Re-keying is the best and most affordable way to change your commercial space’s locks without changing the whole locking mechanism. The locks will only be reconfigured, and you’ll have your new set of keys.

Another scenario when a re-key may be needed is a Key Extraction. In this case, don’t attempt to remove the broken part since you may end up aggravating the whole locking mechanism. Your best bet is to call a professional commercial locksmith in Richmond to do the extraction fast and re-key the lock if that was the only spare. What’s more, you have to assume that the key broke in an attempt to gain unauthorized entry.




The security of your commercial space is of utmost importance, whether it’s protecting your property or safeguarding the inhabitants. One way of securing your premises is by getting locks, which you can complement with other security measures like CCTV installation and security guards.

Regulating who is authorized to gain access to your premises is key to company success and security. It’s crucial in keeping would-be intruders out while also controlling access to information and resources internally. To guarantee security, you should consider enlisting Richmond’s best commercial locksmith specialists to help you with the design and installation of:


*Keypad Devices: This is a great way of establishing a commercial door entry system for your employees, allowing free movement in and out of the premises while keeping unwanted visitors. They usually come in numeric form or can be swiped using a magnetic card.


*Access Control System: The best Richmond locksmith can install an access control system that provides limited and secure access to specific areas of a building like the server rooms. It also offers bolstered security with photo IDs and logs.


*Door Closers: As a commercial center, you can never be too sure who might or might not be lurking in the shadows waiting at the first opportunity to get the drop on you. You can’t always rely on the security guard to be vigilant, which is why having door closers is an effective way to eliminate complacency since the gate or door will automatically close soon after opening. Ask your commercial locksmith in Richmond to include this feature and select an efficient device from the different types available.




Getting locked out of your business is one of the common things Richmond locksmiths have dealt and can happen either be due to a damaged or lost key, or anything really. A commercial locksmith can disassemble the lock and install a new set of Deadbolts & Hardware that helps you out of your predicament and decreases the likelihood of that happening again.


If your commercial business is located in Richmond, CA, and you happen to find yourself in need of locksmith services, Commercial Locksmith Richmond professionals must have the necessary experience and equipment. They are on-call 24/7 to provide prompt same-day servicing and repairs. Professional commercial locksmith services in Richmond are reliable, fast, and affordable.

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