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There is a probable chance that people will need one form of locksmith service Richmond or another during their lifetime. For those living in the area, our locksmith professional staffs are here to serve residents, especially when they need emergency locksmith services. Well-trained and professional technicians handle all locksmith services promptly and efficiently.

Richmond Locksmith handles a complete array of locksmith services that are specifically targeted for residential, commercial, and automotive use. Our services are also accessible 24 hours a day. They offer convenience, especially for emergencies that happen in the wee hours of the night or early morning. Once a customer calls requesting emergency assistance, our capable locksmiths arrive promptly in no time at all. The first thing that our locksmiths will do is to carefully and thoroughly assess the situations. According to their training, they will not attempt to do anything until everything has been thoroughly studied, and the cause of the problem is determined.

There is no need to worry about our staff. They are well-trained, licensed, and insured. Most of all, they get the job done during the most challenging times.

Our prices are also very reasonable, and our excellent service assures you that it is money well spent. Although we do not wish constant emergency locksmith services on anyone, we do have repeat customers who were very satisfied with the service that they received previously. We also get a lot of recommendations from former customers.

Key Duplication Services

Aside from emergency locksmith services Richmond, also offers essential duplication services. An essential part of any locksmith’s job is creating keys that work. If there are no keys that work, the lock is rendered entirely useless, especially if the owner is unable to open it.

People get their keys duplicated for various reasons. The main thing about key duplication is that the duplicates must be exact replicas of the original and must also work the same as the original. This means that they should also be able to open what they are intended to open. Our emergency locksmith services in Richmond include all these types of duplicate keys:

1. House Keys are the most common duplicate keys. All household members usually have duplicate keys, and a designated individual (usually the head of the household or the primary breadwinner) holds the original keys.

2. Car keys are usually duplicated when there are multiple users of one vehicle. However, most single-car owners also have their keys duplicated as an extra precaution.

3. Master keys usually open a set of locks. Master keys are duplicated for more than one person to open several locks using one key.

4. Transponder keys are car ignition keys. Although it is possible to duplicate, it is quite complicated because there are circuits built inside that are meant for emitting signals. A locksmith Pros make duplicates not only transponder keys but also create a programmable system for them.

5.Control keys are specially used for the core-removable locking systems.

Other Locksmith Services

Automotive Locksmith

Cars have become an integral part of our daily lives. Not only do we use them to get to work, but also run errands as well.


Commercial Locksmith

Your business is your source of income. It is what enables you to provide for yourself and your family. 


Residential Locksmith

As most people say, your home is your castle, it is the one place that you should always feel safe and secure



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